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Subject: FYI -- Content Added to the DITA Complexity Wiki

FYI ... the OASIS email server seems to be up and down ... FYI . . . I posted this content to our wiki this morning:




[Stan Doherty, January 18 2011] -- When I do demos and free consulting for groups in the Boston, I tend to interact with pubs managers and writers who are fairly technical and have attended introductory DITA training, but are not completely sold on DITA. When they voice concerns, here's what I hear.

I suspect that if we had an open-source, DITA-compliant editor to complement the open-source, DITA-compliant Open Toolkit, the folks with tool anxieties would have a common starting place for learning and piloting DITA. If there were a shared and detailed learning path through DITA 1.2 features, the folks with overload anxieties would be happier. Pubs managers and writers do not have clear points of entry or engagement with the spec, so they are vulnerable to DITA critics who argue that investing time to figure it all out on their own is not worth the effort. If an alternative to DITA can do 25% of DITA in ways that small groups can implement confidently, that's better than failing to implement 0% of the complete DITA.
Stan Doherty
Director, Technical Publications
Verivue Inc.
Westford MA

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