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dita message

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Subject: Question on conditional processing and keyref resolution

Hi everyone,

Here's another question on keyref resolution: If the user has not chosen to apply any filtering, should key resolution still take conditions into account? For example, say you are processing the following information set with no filtering:

<keydef keys = "illustration-toner-cartridge-access-panel" href="graphics/PR2015-toner-cartridge-access-panel.svg" product = "PR2015"/>
<keydef keys = "illustration-toner-cartridge-access-panel" href="graphics/PR3604-toner-cartridge-access-panel.svg" product = "PR3604"/>

<image keyref = "illustration-toner-cartridge-access-panel" product = "PR3604"/>

Should the <image> be resolved using the PR2015 graphic (because it comes first) or the PR3604 graphic (because its conditions match)?

Best regards,


Su-Laine Yeo
Solutions Consultant

JustSystems Canada, Inc.
Office: 1 (778) 327-6356


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