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Subject: Meeting Minutes -- 26 July 2011



JoAnn T. Hackos, PhD


Comtech Services Inc.

710 Kipling Street, Suite 400

Denver, CO 80215


skype joannhackos






0. Minutes: TC Meeting 07/05/2011
    - Moved:    Don Day
    - Seconded: JoAnn Hackos
    - Approved: Acclamation

Subcommittee report:
	Stan Doherty reporting on the Help SC
	SC is working on proposals for DITA 1.3. Concerned with support of DITA 1.2
	among Help system vendors. Will continue to work with vendors to help
	understand what conformance to the spec implies.

Next reports scheduled:
	Michael Boses -- BizDocs SC (August 2)
	JoAnn Hackos -- Tech Comm SC (August 9)

001. ITEM: Triage of DITA complexity list and potential solutions
	no discussion, move to next meeting

002. ITEM: Review of 1.3 proposals

	13002 -- Waiting for information from Keith Schengili-Roberts and Bob Beims
	13020 and 13059 -- conditional processing attributes. Will combine these proposals
	13021 -- Su-Laine Yeo, default processing role to "resource-only" for Rel Tables. Robert Anderson
		will treat this as a fix to the spec; remove as 1.3 proposal
	13030 -- Eliot Kimber proposal to include image in the table (tgroup) element to allow tables
		that have been captured as images to be included in the table numbering and listing. 
		Resolved that should be handled as a one-column, one-row table to include a figure. No
		further action on this proposal.

		Suggestion to the Adoption TC -- develop a feature article on proper use of tables (best
		practices). One of the most frequent complexity complaints is about too many tables.

	13031 -- Eliot Kimber to include strike-through and other formatting elements; mentioned that
		13034 on the highlight domain is similar. Also consider a proposal coming from the
		Tech Comm SC on change-tracking. Resolve at next meeting

Adjournment: 12:02PM/EST

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