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Subject: Tech Comm SC proposal: topic change history

Per Kris’ request, here is a brief statement of the TechComm SC’s proposal to support revision history automation:


The Tech Comm SC proposes that a domain be introduced for DITA 1.3 that enables content workers to log comments and metadata at the topic level when changes are made. This domain satisfies (or provides the underpinnings to satisfy) these requirements:

·         Must be able capture change information in topics. Even in the case of a robust CMS solution, it is necessary to provide a semantic structure for stowing this information during content exchanges (mergers, acquisitions, licensing, rebranding, CMS migration, etc.)

·         Method must be described in the DITA spec to provide a standard way of exchanging this information in a controlled way, even if the originating environment uses some other method.

·         Change information must be subject to the same applicability methods that affect other content. That is, change information must include @props attributes, which presupposes the use of elements in the DITA namespace.

·         Change information may be aggregated during a preprocess or independent process to compile a revision history report based on information supplied in the change history, including—but not limited to date/time. Many useful internal status reports come to mind.


The model for this domain comes from bookmap’s “bookchangehistory”, with modifications.


The scope of this proposal is limited to:

·         The domain design requirements

·         Processing examples

·         If necessary, usage notes regarding processing order with respect to link resolution, flagging/filtering, and keyspace construction.


For more information, please see  http://wiki.oasis-open.org/dita/ChangeControlWiki



-seth park


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