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dita message

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Subject: review of Proposal #13078


[note; I originally sent this to the TC list via my regular email account a few hours ago, but it didn't show up, so I'm sending it through the OASIS web site; if it ends up showing up twice, my apologies.]

After looking at #13078, I have the following comments

table[@orient] - Like David, I also wonder if 'port' and 'land' are the right names for these attribute values.  I noticed David suggested using the full words portrait/landscape, but there's also the fact that if a document is itself in landscape mode, either of those variants would be confusing. Maybe 'standard' or 'normal' and 'rotate'?  That would connect this with the entry/@rotate attribute as well.
Other than that, I like David's suggestion of adding the text from the original proposal back into the spec language.

entry[@rotate] - I agree with David; rather than '1' and '0', I'd prefer to use 'yes' and 'no'.   Most users are neither mathematicians nor engineers.

Thanks, Chris, for getting the implementation out.

Nancy Harrison

Nancy Harrison
Infobridge Solutions 

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