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Subject: review: DITA 1.3 Proposal 13027 - draft-comment


The proposal - 'Allow draft-comment and required-cleanup universally.' - generally looks good.  I had one comment and one question.

Comment: The 'Original Requirements' section includes the statement "In many cases, draft comments are used entirely within an editing context and are never expected to be rendered in outputs."  Actually, in very many cases, these comments are rendered as part of sending a document out for peer review to SMEs.  So rendering considerations do need to be made.

Question: In the impact section, for implementers, Eliot mentions modifying the content model for the highlight domain and codeph.content to be ph.content.  I'm not clear why those changes are related to this proposal, rather than simply being cleanup of the code. I understand that they will have the effect of implementing this change, but shouldn't these be under bug fixes somewhere? 

Otherwise, I think the current version proposal is fine as is.

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