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Subject: Proposal 13037: Module Type for Topic Nesting--Would We Miss It?

I made proposal 13037, which would add a module type for formally declaring
topic nesting rules in a way that is analogous to declaring constraint

My reasoning at the time was that topic nesting is now the one aspect of the
configuration of topic document types that is not reflected in the @domains
attribute.  This means that the assertion that one could synthesize a
working shell from the @domains value alone is not true in the case where a
topic type needs to modify the set of allowed nested topics (either to
disallow nesting entirely or to allow other topic types).

But looking at this proposal in the light of our hard deadlines and
overburdened selves, I think this is one we can do without. I don't think
the lack of it will impede the utility or use of DITA.

So I propose to withdraw this proposal.



Eliot Kimber
Senior Solutions Architect, RSI Content Solutions
"Bringing Strategy, Content, and Technology Together"
Main: 512.554.9368
Book: DITA For Practitioners, from XML Press,

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