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Subject: DTD and XSD Generation Testing: Exemplars

I found my exemplars. They are in SVN under doctypes/test/1.2/exemplars/

There are exemplars for the 1.2 DTDs and XSDs.

These are the original 1.2 artifacts modified to reflect differences
resulting from the generation process that would not affect processing,
such as the order of references to things in places where the order
doesn't affect the processing. With these changes, line-by-line comparison
to the generated 1.2 artifacts is more useful.

To date I've used them for manual inspection using Oxygen's directory
compare tool. For example, create an Oxygen project that includes the
exemplars/dtd directory and the generated dtd/ directory, select both
directories in the project view, then apply the "Compare" action. You'll
get a list of all the files that are different. You can then select the
files to pull up a side-by-side comparison of the two versions of a given
file. You can then scan the changes. Differences resulting only from
whitespace differences are highlighted a different color from other
differences, so it's easy to focus in on substantive differences.

Going forward I will do this comparison before committing any updates to
the generated DTDs and XSDs, as well as carefully inspect differences with
the version currently in the SVN repository to ensure I'm not introducing
new errors.



Eliot Kimber, Owner
Contrext, LLC

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