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Subject: Action Item: Update Grammars With OASIS Comment, Domain Constraint Section Comment

I have committed updates to the grammars that add the OASIS-required
comments to the headers of all the document type shells as well as the top
and map module files (reflecting the requirement that the comment be in
all directly-referencable files).

I also added the missing domain constraint integration comment to all the
DTD shells.

Bob Thomas had also noticed that the @dita:since="1.3" attribute was
missing from some of the references to the release management domain
module, so I corrected that as well.

The OASIS-required comments are constructed with placeholder strings that
can be reliably updated using search-and-replace to reflect the details of
a given formal spec release. My plan is for the files in SVN to reflect
the placeholder values and produce release-specific packages. When the
DITA spec is approved we can replace the placeholder strings with the
final approved spec details and commit those to SVN.


Eliot Kimber, Owner
Contrext, LLC

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