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dita message

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Subject: Vote-gathering updates

A few people have reported contacting ALL of their assigned voters already. Thanks folks!


I have updated the tracking spreadsheet to reflect "firstcontact" status for those contacts, but there are PLENTY MORE TO GO. We all have action items to complete our first contacts by today!


I've also introduced a new status called "confirmedwillvote", and applied that label so far only to (more or less) those of us here on the TC. The idea is that we will use this to track who has promised to vote, so that we can nag them appropriately (if necessary) down the stretch.


So far we have yet (AFAIK) to receive a "confirmedwillvote" status for anyone *really* outside the TC. The closest we have is that Chris Nitchie has stated that Oberon will vote (and Chris is not the voting rep). That's great, but it's not good enough!


Don't you want to be the first? Note: You can't be the first if you haven't asked anybody yet!




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