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Subject: DITA TC dinner tonight at CIDM/DITA NA conference; details


The DITA TC dinner is on for tonight at PassionFish Restaurant at 6:30pm.  I suggest we meet in the lobby at 6:15; the restaurant is a 5 minute walk from the back door of the hotel, at 11960 Democracy Drive, Reston, VA.   If you'd rather get to the restaurant on your own, or if you can't be at the dinner for some reason,  please let me know by responding to this email.

The names of folks attending the dinner are:
  1. Kris Eberlein
  2. Nancy Harrison
  3. Tom Magliery
  4. Robert Anderson
  5. Eliot Kimber
  6. Bob Thomas, Diane Thomas
  7. David Hollis
  8. Mark Giffin
  9. Carlos Evia
  10. Michael Priestley
  11. Rob Hanna
  12. Joe Storbeck
  13. Jan Benedictus
  14. Amber Swope
  15. Stan Doherty
  16. Deb Bissantz
  17. Seth Park
  18. Chris Nitchie
  19. Jim Tivy

With Diane Thomas, we're at 20, which will just fill two tables.

Thanks,and see you soon,

Nancy Harrison
Infobridge Solutions 

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