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dita message

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Subject: Frame of Reference for LW Dita Review

Hi Folks


Light weight DITA looks pretty cool.  However, I am wondering what the frame of reference for reviewing it in the DITA TC is.


I realize some of these things have been stated but just want to be sure.


Is it correct to assume the LWDita spec will go through a TC review and TC release process.


Will there be parallel activity in the sub-committee going forward.


What is the timing for release of LWDita.  Is the first release going to be part of 2.0?


Is there – will there be - a LWDita draft Spec and what is the purpose (audience, objectives) of the committee note?


Going forward would it be fair to assume I should focus on:

1. As an implementer and tool vendor check if the LWDITA spec/notes are sufficient to implement. 

2. Comment on features and seek clarification where necessary.

3. Anything else?




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