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Subject: Model Document for Preparing for DITA 2.0 Version 1.0

Per the TC's submission request [1], please find the attached model document for:Ã
Preparing for DITA 2.0 Version 1.0
WP-abbrev: prepDITA2.0

The model documents in the attached ZIP file (in .DOCX and PDF formats) demonstrate the expected appearance of the display formats (HTML and PDF) of the "front matter" of the Committee Note 01 stage. It includes the expected URIs.

When the TC first votes [2] to publish this Work Product in the OASIS Library, we expect it to be published at:
The permanent "Latest version" URI will be:

Please let me know if anything here fails to meet your expectations.

When the TC votes [2] to approve publication, the Chair or other designated person must submit a "Committee Specification Draft Creation and Upload Request" accessible on the TC Administration Requests Page [3].

Upon receipt of this form, the TC Administrator will QC and process the Work Product for official publication in the OASIS Library (https://docs.oasis-open.org/), including addition of the requisite cover page metadata and other boilerplate information.

=========== References:
[1] https://tools.oasis-open.org/issues/browse/TCADMIN-3813
[2] Approval of a WD as a CD (CSD or CND)
[3] TC Administration Requests Page, see Committee Specification Draft Creation / Upload Request

Best wishes,
OASIS - Advancing open standards for the information society

Attachment: prepDITA2.0-v1.0-cn01.zip
Description: Zip compressed data

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