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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Learning to do my own stylesheets


	I'm testing this. I'm modifing the gdp-both.dsl stylesheet and it looks

	I'm modifying some things in order to save space paper and beautifing a

	I have a problem with the subtitle of the book. I did these changes:

;; The quadding of division-level titles ('Set', 'Book', and 'Part').
(define division-title-quadding

;; The quadding of division-level subtitles ('Set', 'Book', and 'Part').
(define division-subtitle-quadding

;;What quadding do you want by default; start, center, justify, or end?  
(define %default-quadding%

and all runs ok but division-subtitle-quadding. The subtitle is printed
(I'm talking about the print sheet) like 'start


The code is:
    <subtitle>&HF; &HFLVER;</subtitle>

	Another dudes:

	- What is the parameter to reduce the margin for <para> elements?  
	- And the most important: how can I learn to find and understand the
stylesheet parameters? I'm not sure if they depend of Docbook stylesheet
or they are dsssl keywords and I am too new to the jargon so I think I
lost lots of information.

	Thanks for your time.

	A.Ismael Olea González


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