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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Customizing DocBook

godoy@conectiva.com.br writes:
 > > excuse me, but this is plain Wrong. JadeTeX does not use LaTeX
 > > stylesheets.
 > How can one customize JadeTeX output? 
 > Only with DSSSL?

yes, of course, thats the whole point of using DSSSL!

 > I don't think that I'll obtain everything I get with
 > LaTeX stylesheets

very true. thats the price you pay for using an unproven formatting
language, not fully implemented :-}

 > Yep, but while it's not fully implemented will still get some problems
 > that need to be hacked on the output format and not on DSSSL
 > itself... 

sorry, but i think you are in trouble if you try and solve things by
hacking the output. it would be much better to write a trivial Docbook 
to LaTeX converter and use normal LaTeX stylesheets, if you need the
facilities. after all, if you only use the TeX backend of DSSSL, it
does not buy you much.


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