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Subject: RE: XSL stylesheet for QandASet element.

> I've *missed* both 'question' literal, and
> (way I use it) an *author* literal, since I'm collating
> others work (www.dpawson.co.uk)

The author literal isn't there, but my question literal is in
place. Here is part of my docbook document:

       <para>My question?</para>
       <para>This is the answer!</para>

When I process this, I get a Question and Answer section. 

> I'll have a play with the stylesheet over the next day or
> so and see if I can assist.

I'm going on holiday on Friday. My next input will be somewhere
in August. Long live sunny Italy! :)

> Do you have any layout that you could specify in some way?

Can you clarify this question? You mean an example as I just


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