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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: disappearing header

camille@mandrakesoft.com wrote:
> Thanks for your suggestion. In fact that was even worse :-(
> My size is A5, and when I try to specify it by changing the default or
> with the command line parameter, I get indeed an A5 document, but
> starting from the middle of my page, the other middle being blank...
> This makes me think more and more of a corrupted bounding box.

This rings a bell, but I have no idea if the following will help you.  I
had a latex (not jadetex, but maybe that doesn't make such a huge
difference) generated document converted to PDF with this chain: tex =>
latex => dvips => psnup => distill => PDF.  Somewhere in the process the
information about the page size got lost so I had to edit the `psnup'
output such that the postscript prologue (and *only* the prologue, not
anywhere else in the postscript) contained this:

%%Orientation: Landscape
%%BoundingBox: 0 0 596 842
%%DocumentMedia: A4 596 842 75 white ()
%%PageMedia: A4

The keywords here seemed to be `Orientation' and `DocumentMedia' +
`PageMedia' (PageMedia should be within the default section); no, I have
no idea if the document media's paper weight is anywhere near right. 
Only with these changes together with `-pagesize 21.0 29.7 cm' option to
distill did I get the appropriate PDF out.  I am sure the gurus out
there will immediately tell me what I did wrong, but in the end I did
get the chain to operate.  Otherwise distiller would do most amazing
things, which generally meant that I ended up with letter-sized paper
and text overflowing the page, or random page orientation permutations.

Your situation sounds like you are indeed getting A5 output, but on
letter-sized page.  See if your PS-to-PDF converter has an option to set
the page size.  If not, whack the PS such that it contains the right
document and page layout information.  At least distiller seems to obey
those (most of the time :-).  Or you could try using pdftex (pdfjadetex
that is) to produce PDF directly.  Maybe it will understand pagesize
settings better.

Hope this helps,
Fast ship?  You mean you've never heard of the
Millennium Falcon?  --Han Solo

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