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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: text output from DocBook

On Fri, Nov 10, 2000 at 01:44:52AM +0800, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> > Right.  That's the same route we're (FreeBSD) doing (and the reason why
> > I wanted the 'ASCII art' support working in <mediaobject>.
> We're using a similar method over at the LDP, but we're using Lynx by
> default, as it seems to do a slightly better job with anchor tags.
> Now for a real question.  I can create some markup like <ulink
> type="http" url="http://www.LinuxDoc.org/FAQ">Faq Section of the
> LDP</ulink>, and it looks and works fine for HTML, and produces
> something like <a href="http://www.LinuxDoc.org/FAQ">Faq Section of the
> LDP</a>.  When I convert this to text using lynx (with no url list) or
> with w3m, then I just get "Faq Section of the LDP" inline in my
> document.  Is there a way to specify something in our DSSSL stylesheets
> that will change that to a more useful format for print output?  

For print output, just define %show-ulinks% to true, which does exactly
what you want.

The HTML sheets don't honour %show-ulinks%, so you have to roll your own.

Put this in your HTML stylesheet customisation layer.

        (define %show-ulinks% #t)

	(element ulink
	  (make sequence
            (make element gi: "A"
                  attributes: (list
                               (list "HREF" (attribute-string (normalize
                               (list "TARGET" "_top"))
                  (if (node-list-empty? (children (current-node)))
                      (literal (attribute-string (normalize "url")))
            (if %show-ulinks%
              (make sequence
                (make element gi: "TT"
                  (literal " (")
                  (literal (attribute-string (normalize "url")))
                  (literal ")")))

which will do what you want.

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