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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: docbook, dsssl, and jade installation

At 16:54 10/11/2000 -0500, you wrote:

>I am having some problem installing jade, dssl and docbook, I would like 
>to know if
>anyone who has these installed correctly, can send me the contents of the
>catalog files and what the environment variables contain,
>I want to compare them to what I have and may be figure out what I am doing

Under Windows NT 4 (but this may not influence global configuration):
DocBook XML 4.1.2
DocBook DSSSL 1.5.8 (with dbl1zhcn.ent, dbl1zhcn.dsl and dbl1hu.ent 
modified by N.Walsh, which will be part of 1.5.9 - sent separately of the 
list post).
Jade for Window 1.2.1

Currently I type all my XML files with Unicode-UTF8 encoding (SC Unipad on 
Windows NT, nice for Unicode).
My environment variables are:
(note: I tried SP_ENCODING=XML (uppercase) and it gives me few problems 
with HTML output, where automatically generated strings (bottom of page 
with "Next"/"Previous" in french "Suivant"/"Précédent" has diacritics in 
ISO encoding while my text has diacritics in UTF8 encoding).

After a long email exchange with Norman Walsh, my catalog file finally only 
         CATALOG "o:\tools\doctools\jade\catalog"
         CATALOG "o:\tools\doctools\docbook\docbook.cat"
(I put them into a text file and make this text file my catalog file - this 
allow to easily change catalog without having to change SGML_CATALOG_FILES 
environnement variable when doing tests).

I have defined two batch files to call jade with the right options, docrtf.bat:
@echo Generation du .rtf a partir du .xml (DTD DocBook) et avec jade
jade -t rtf -f error.log -d 
O:\tools\doctools\DocBookDSSSL\dtds\decls\xml.dcl %1

And dochtml.bat:
@echo Generation du .html a partir du .xml (DTD DocBook) et avec jade
jade -t sgml -f error.log -i html -d 
O:\tools\doctools\DocBookDSSSL\dtds\decls\xml.dcl %1

Finally, the last unresolved problem (but which has no effect for me as I 
use UTF8 encoding characters, the output is good) is a list of errors like:
jade:o:\tools\doctools\docbook\ent/iso-lat1.ent:6:19:E: "X00E1" is not a 
function name
jade:o:\tools\doctools\docbook\ent/iso-lat1.ent:7:19:E: "X00C1" is not a 
function name
jade:o:\tools\doctools\docbook\ent/iso-lat1.ent:8:18:E: "X00E2" is not a 
function name
jade:o:\tools\doctools\docbook\ent/iso-lat1.ent:9:18:E: "X00C2" is not a 
function name
jade:o:\tools\doctools\docbook\ent/iso-lat1.ent:10:19:E: "X00E0" is not a 
function name
jade:o:\tools\doctools\docbook\ent/iso-lat1.ent:11:19:E: "X00C0" is not a 
function name
jade:o:\tools\doctools\docbook\ent/iso-lat1.ent:12:18:E: "X00E5" is not a 
function name
jade:o:\tools\doctools\docbook\ent/iso-lat1.ent:13:18:E: "X00C5" is not a 
function name
jade:o:\tools\doctools\docbook\ent/iso-lat1.ent:14:19:E: "X00E3" is not a 
function name

Hope this help.



Laurent POINTAL - CNRS/LURE - Service Informatique Experiences
Tel/fax: 01 64 46 82 80 / 01 64 46 41 48
email  : pointal@lure.u-psud.fr  ou  lpointal@planete.net 

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