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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Images and pdf again

Hi Thomas, 

Thanks for your help, though I have not been able to get proper output

Thomas Andre Berger a écrit :
> What we do, is using PNG files for graphics.  PNG supports setting
> resolution and jadetex produces PDF nicely with it.  But you need a
> tool that handles PNG resolution (like GhostScript >= 5.50).  So we
> pre-prepare the graphics before using jade.  The bad thing is that you
> cannot specify within the SGML-document your resolution.

Using this method actually roduces the right size, but images do not get
their density changed, the resolution only changes, which obviously
gives ugly output. I use
convert -density 50 image.eps image.png

> For structured vector graphics, we use the epstopdf tool, which
> produces encapsulated PDF.  We use plain PDF notation for this.

I get distortionned images and bad colors.
EPSTOPDF 2.5, 1999/05/06 
GNU Ghostscript 5.50 (2000-2-13)


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