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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Stylesheets

I have two problems with the stylesheets.
1. I want to chunk before the bibliography in articles.
2. I want to chunk after the titlepage (before the first section) in

So I redefined "chunk" from html/dbchunk.dsl:

 (define (chunk? #!optional (nd (current-node)))
-  (let* ((notchunk (or (and (equal? (gi nd) (normalize "bibliography"))
-                            (not (equal? (gi (parent nd)) (normalize "book"))))
+  (let* ((notchunk 
                        (and (equal? (gi nd) (normalize "section"))
                             (equal? (gi (parent nd)) (normalize "section"))
                             (>= (section-element-depth nd)
-                                (chunk-section-depth)))))
+                                (chunk-section-depth))))
          (maybechunk (not notchunk)))
-    (if (node-list=? nd (sgml-root-element))
+    (if (or (node-list=? nd (sgml-root-element))
+            (equal? (gi (ancestor (gi nd))) (normalize "articleinfo"))
+        )
         (if (or nochunks
                 (equal? (dbhtml-value (sgml-root-element) "chunk") "no"))

But this doesn´t helped anything. What am I doing wrong? Can somebody
help me?


BTW: Why is the bibliography only chunked in books, by default? Why is
     there no component-seperator when I put a bibliography behind an
Jan Blunck                          Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg
J.Blunck@tu-harburg.de                 http://www.tu-harburg.de/~sejb3103/

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