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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: <remark> in red?

All --

Have the Modular DocBook (DSSSL) Stylsheets ever displayed <remark> in
red in either print or HTML output?  My notes and my recollection
indicate that they did.  But no longer. 

I'm now using the following on BSD/OS 4.2:
- DSSSL 1.62
- DocBook 4.1 for SGML 
- Jade 1.2.1
- JadeTex 3.0
Comments are rendered in italics with a preceding * in the print
stylesheets and as standard paragraphs in HTML.

Any pointers or comments greatly appreciated.  

Many thanks,
Deborah Greenberg Lidl                       Toll free: 1.888.849.BSDi
dgl@bsdi.com                    BSDi             Phone: 1.301.765.7945
http://www.bsdi.com                                Fax: 1.301.765.7946

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