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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: abstract red in FO?

Eric Richardson wrote:
> Hi
> I have the following docbook source which seems to vaildate okay.
> <article>
>   <title>Article Title</title>
>   <articleinfo>
>     <author>
>       <firstname>Eric</firstname>
>       <surname>Richardson</surname>
>     </author>
>     <copyright>
>       <year>2000</year><holder>MilagroSoft Inc.</holder>
>     </copyright>
>   </articleinfo>
>   <abstract>
>     <title>Abstract</title>
>     <para>This is the abstract</para>
>   </abstract>
> </article>

It seems that the abstract when inside of articleinfo processes fine to
pdf. In PDF there is no TOC. The html version puts the abstract before
the TOC when inside of articleinfo and after the TOC when it is outside
the articleinfo as above. The content model of docbook seems to allow
both placements so I have to think that the FO stylesheet needs a
modification or addition. Any comments would be appreciated.

> The abstract section shows up in red in the PDF from FO. I remember from
> reading this group that the red means something special when the output
> of the process. The XHTML processes this nicely.
> html/titlepage.xsl has a selector for abstract.
> fo/titlepage.xsl has a selector for abstract.
> excerpt from fo.
> <fo:block color="red">&lt;abstract&gt;<fo:block
> color="red">&lt;title&gt;Abstract&lt;/title&gt;</fo:block>
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Also, is there a DOCTYPE for fo?
> Eric :-)

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