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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Page Break

Norman Walsh wrote:
> / Peter.Wunderlich.extern@HypoVereinsbank.de was heard to say:
> | How do I generate in docbook a page break? I've tried a <BEGINPAGE> tag but
> | when generating RTF or PDF output, no page break gets inserted.

> There is no element in DocBook to generate an arbitrary page break.
> That's not a structural or semantic element, it's a presentation
> element.
> I suggest that you use a processing instruction.

I'd recommend figuring out _why_ you want a page break in a particular
spot and then change the stylesheet to reflect that reason. For example,
say you want to force a page break because you want chapters to begin on
an odd-numbered page. You would want to have the stylesheet do that for
you instead of forcing the page break. About 99% of the time that you
want to force a page break, you should be able to express a rule that
you want changed in the stylesheet that will do it for you.

Craig M. Buchek
Documentation Manager

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