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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Problem converting DB to PDF...

On Wed, Feb 21, 2001 at 12:18:15PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Nik Clayton <nik@nothing-going-on.demon.co.uk> writes:
> > Any pointers to SYSV make?
> There's an O'Reilly book -- other than that, the GNU Make info pages
> have a section on differences with SYSV make.

Any source code?  I've got the O'Reilly "Managing software development
with make" book (at least, I think that's what it's called).

> > > Even if we can't, I would like to be sure that we are at least
> > > consistent between each other in the jade -V and -i switches that we
> > > pass to indicate the output format.
> > 
> > Absolutely.
> Do you think I should just adapt the *BSD ones?  It seems like you
> have a wider install base than I do ... :)

Well, it would certainly make my life easier :-)

I wouldn't mind a second opinion.  Some of the names have been plucked
from thin air, and obviously, I've only been concentrating on the
problem space immediately in front of me.  If you or anyone else can
make suggestions for improvements I'm happy to use them.

> > The problem was, while I could pass command line flags to the PNG -> EPS
> > conversion process to double the density (and thereby halve the image
> > size), this doesn't work for the PDF stuff, because the PDF and HTML
> > formats share the same image file.  Either I shrink the PDF file (and
> > then the HTML output looks wrong), or I had to find a way to get DocBook
> > / TeX to scale the image for me -- preferably without forcing the author
> > to write " ... scale='50' ... " for every single image.
> I would use two different suffixes, say, .halfsize.eps versus .eps I
> would guess?

I thought about that.

Given that I wanted the authors to be able to write

    <imagedata fileref="figure1" ... >

with no mention of the file's extension, the stylesheets would have had
to somehow work out when to add ".eps" and when to add ".halfsize.eps"
to the filename.

[ Actually, I'm relying on TeX to add the .eps for me, so the
stylesheets would have to decide whether to leave the filename alone, or
whether to add .halfsize to the filename ]

It's entirely feasible for a document to contain images where the source
format is a mix of PNG and EPS.  Anything that contains a mixture of
vector art and screenshots, for example.

I only want to add .halfsize to the .eps files that were generated from
.png files.  So my stylesheets would then have to know what the original
source format for the image was.

Hence you would have to write something like

    <imagedata fileref="figure1" format="PNG">

which is what I've settled on.  The only difference between our
proposals is that yours shrinks the image on disk, and then pulls it in
for processing by TeX.  Mine keeps the image the same size, but tells
TeX to scale it by 50%.

> I have onShore Development specific customizations to deal with.
> If we can standarize the <stylesheet>#foo and -ifoo and -Vfoo (and I
> even use a little -Vfoo=bar but that's openjade and docbook only, for
> forcing the suffix to be .html and such, there's always another way to
> do it), that would be excellent.

That would be good.

I understand that there are problems building OpenJade on the Alpha
platform, which is why the FDP hasn't switched yet from Jade to
OpenJade.  I don't know what those problems are.

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