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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: List Rendering of XSL-FO Problem

Bob Stayton wrote:
> If you process Norm's test/book2.xml, in the
> output for the section "More Complex List Item Content" you
> can see that normal <para> elements in a <listitem> context
> are ok, but <formalpara> elements have that space above them.
> I think Norm's fo stylesheet file fo/list.xsl is missing a
> template for "listitem/formalpara[1]" the way it has one
> for "listitem/para[1]".  So it is formatting the <formalpara>
> the same as outside the listitem context, which is to
> provide some space above.

Okay, I tried a normal paragraph with some emphasis instead of a
formalpara. This works okay so I think I'll mark it up like this for the
time being. Docbook sort of assumes you something about publishing and
structured documents. I don't think you learn that overnight let alone
all the transformations.

Eric :-)

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