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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Problem converting DB to PDF...

Nik Clayton writes:
 > I don't think so.  I saw this if I used pdftex and used the .png files
 > *natively*.  They still appeared about twice as large as I'd like them
 > to be in the generated .pdf file.

maybe the PNG files lack the DPI information? its optional in PNG.

 > Sadly, every time I tried this (whether I was using Ghostscript
 > directly, or ImageMagick, or any of the NetPBM stuff) I got a broken PDF
 > file.
 > Suppose I had xterm.png.  I could convert that to xterm.pdf, and load
 > xterm.pdf up in Acrobat, and it looked fine.  If I then had a document
 > that pulled in xterm.pdf, the document looked fine, but the image was
 > corrupt.  It looked like the colours had shifted, and, moving down the
 > image, every line was offset one pixel to the right of the previous
 > line.

one has to start wondering about whatever generates your PNG files!


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