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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: XML editor for Windoze


I'd like to know your suggestions for some Windoze XML editors
for creating DocBook documents. Personally I prefer Emacs+PSGML, but
our Windoze users are scared to death from these. Do you know some
other more user friendly editors? I'd like them to have these features:

1) Support for some WYSIWYG mode editing
2) Support for Czech encodings WINDOWS-1250 and ISO-8859-2
3) Support for nice Emacs+PSGML features

Thanks for your suggestions.

Martin Perina

ATACO, spol. s r. o.                   email: martin.perina@ataco.cz
Lesetinska 676                         www:   http://www.ataco.cz/
Ostrava - Kuncice                      phone: +420 (69) 568 28 62
707 02                                 fax:   +420 (69) 568 27 56
Czech Republic

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