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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Problem with centering images using DSSSLstylesheets?


Many thanks for the suggestions!  I spent some time looking at the pieces
you mentioned.

It appears that this is one big difference between the 'html' and 'print'

>  4.  "(element imagedata ... )" can look at the ImageData attributes,
>      and do appropriate things with the Align attribute.  But at this
>      point we're too late.

in 'html/db31.dsl', (element imagedata ...) does a great amount of work.

In 'print/db31.dsl', all it is is this:

  (element imagedata

where $img$ is defined in 'print/dbgraph.dsl'.

Interestingly, $img$ is *also* defined in 'html/dbgraph.dsl' where it 
appears that if 'fileref' is defined, control will be passed to:

  ($graphic$ fileref format alt align)

which appears above that, and, to my untrained eye, seems like it would
generate the appropriate IMG tag.

Now, over on the print side, in 'print/dbgraph.dsl', $img$ winds up
doing almost the same thing:

  ($graphic$ fileref display format scale align)

Above that, in $graphic$ there is a conditional statement where it is 
checking the alignment and assigning the end value to 'graphic-align'.
Just for fun, and because I happen to want *all* images in the manual
centered, I commented out the entire conditional statement for 
(graphic-align (cond....)), which spanned 6 lines, and replaced it

  (graphic-align 'center))

which worked!  Sort of... bizarrely 4 of the 175 images *were* centered!
The first image was NOT, but the next 4 were.  All images after that
were not.  In looking through it, I could not discern any pattern to it
or any reason *why* those particular graphics might be centered and others
not.  There is no discernable difference between how I coded any of them
in DocBook!  It's truly a puzzle to me.

If anyone wants to see what I'm talking about, the PDF file is at:


and the DocBook file is at:


As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm using Norm's 1.62 DSSSL stylesheets
and openjade 1.3 (with sgml2x as a front-end for openjade).

Any other ideas will be *greatly* appreciated!  (I'm working on the print
end because we have to get a PDF file to the printer... oh... yesterday!)


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