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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Does JadeTeX work?

David Nelson writes:

 (stuff about double-sided)

I lose track of all this. I just hope someone can analyze the problem
and tell me what to fix

 > Then, I noticed another bug, which was not just annoying, it was a
 > serious error.  The page numbers were sometimes off, especially in the
 > Table of Figures (ToF).  For example: if a figure appeared near the
 > end of page 7, but was wrapped around to page 8 because of its size,
 > it would appear in the ToF as page 7, whereas it was really appearing
 > on page 8.  Bad, bad, bad.

interesting. I'd want to see some more proper analysis of what goes on there.
 > I think you get the picture.  In my experience, JadeTeX just doesn't
 > work right, and I don't know why.  Is it Jade, or JadeTeX, or the
 > stylesheets, or the Debian setup, or me somehow?  There are a lot of
 > parts working together here, so I can't tell which one is broken.  

and from your description, I can't either. 

 > How about you?  Does Jade + DSSSL + JadeTeX work okay for you?  Or are
 > you using something better?  Would I be better off with something like
 > OpenJade, or something else not DSSSL-based?

it depends on what you are trying to do. for some things I would say
this is a good route; for others I'd recommend a high-level transform
to LaTeX; for others I'd say `make RTF and import to Word', etc etc

I dont think we can do the analysis of your production process here...


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