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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: TeX capacity exceeded,

Nik Clayton writes:
 > > running out of memory isnt a bug. you have hit an internal constant
 > > limit. edit the source, and recompile. easier said than done, but its
 > > not a bug.
 > Any idea which constant limit I'm hitting?  

I think so, I recall tracking it down once (if its the same thing), but
I cannot remember chapter and verse

 > Do you know if PassiveTeX has the same limits?  

that depends on the FO you generate. if you generate 14569 labelled
elements per 10 lines of output, as the Docbook/DSSSL/Jade combination
does, you'l likely always end up in trouble.

its another reason why the Jade TeX backend needs a complete re-engineering


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