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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Does JadeTeX work? (& Juan's response)

David Nelson writes:
 > 1. Erroneous page numbers: when a figure or a section near the bottom
 >    of a page gets wrapped over to the next page, the page number in
 >    the Table of Contents/List of Figures is the previous page (n-1),
 >    not the actual page (n).

its probably because the stylesheet puts the label on a containing
element which *does* start in page n-1

 > 2. The DSSSL print stylesheet setting %two-side% is ignored.  Or, in
 >    one-sided mode, extra blank pages appear at the end of chapters
 >    etc.
thats fixed, or I am a chinaman, if you have the latest and greatest

 > 3. Page number restarts are ignored.  So, instead of having small
 >    Roman pages in the front matter (i, ii, iii...) and restarted
 >    Arabic numbers in the body matter (1, 2, 3...), you just get Arabic
 >    numbers all the way through.

this is fixed in the version I have here. since someone introduced new
macros into the output without telling me, I am not surprised it didn't
work until today!


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