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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: More on several lines in a table cell

Hello Lane,

> I am trying to place a postal address into a table cell.  I have tried a variety
> of things, all of which leave me with (as near as I can tell) a single line
> that wraps as many times as necessary in order to fit within the width of
> the cell.

Let me get this right: you want a multi-line address in a table cell.
But not "multi-line" as in wrapping: you want to specify the line
breaks.  Is that right?

> I have tried a <para> with <address> markup, a <para> without markup, a
> <literallayout> without markup, morerows="n".  None of these has produced
> adequate results.  Is there anyone that can provide me with some guidance?

Have you tried <address format="linespecific">?  Excerpt from
"DocBook: the Definitive Guide", for the <address> tag:

	  The linespecific notation on the Format attribute makes line
	  breaks and other spaces significant in an Address.

I think that's the official and correct way of doing what you want to

And if *that* doesn't work?  Well, then you've got a formatter issue.
Consider reporting it as a bug.


P.S. Not trying to patronise you, but please keep in mind that DocBook
is a semantic markup language.  Using tagging tricks to get the visual
effect you want is generally considered a no-no.  My policy: as long
as the output is *correct*, and it doesn't egregriously violate the
principles of layout and presentation, I will be prepared to tolerate
some ugliness of layout.  Occasional ugliness is the price you pay for
the versatility of DocBook.

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