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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Jade RTF header/footer alignment error

> > So, Jade appears to assume that new chapters start on the right side
> > of the spread (i.e. odd-numbered).  This would be true, if an extra
> > blank page were inserted at the end of the previous chapter, but since
> > it's not, an incorrect header/footer alignment occurs on that page.
> I think you can turn on the cleardoublepage function if you don't mind
> the extra blank pages.  Clearly, JadeTeX is assuming this is the case
> w/o actually checking.

I'm not talking about JadeTeX.  I'm talking about Jade's RTF output,
using Norm's DSSSL stylesheets.

I don't know if this same error applies to JadeTeX (perhaps you can
verify that, Adam).  But that's not my immediate concern, because the
error came up, for me, in RTF.

So, the \cleardoublepage hack is not a feasible workaround in this
case.  The only workaround I can think of is to load the file into a
word processor & manually insert extra blank pages, and check the
header/footer alignments (ugh!)


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