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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: docbook xsl: htmlhelp

Jirka Kosek writes:
> Remove all entries
> <gentext lang="en">...</gentext>
> except entry for GB English from contrib/htmlhelp/langcodes.xsl.

OK after editing this file, thanks.

> > - text which is marked up using <programlisting> is not converted
> >   properly, newlines are ignored.
> This is probably problem in common HTML stylesheet, as it is imported by
> HTML Help stylesheet. Does your XML file contain these newlines? They
> could be stripped-off when normalizing SGML to XML.

This must be a problem of converting to XMl using SX: the converted file 
already shows "mangled" lines for programlisting, I'll have a look into

Thanks again
office:  michael.wiedmann@detewe.de
private: mw@miwie.in-berlin.de                 http://www.miwie.org/

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