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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Table formatting with TeX

I have two questions about formatting of tables with the TeX backend:

1. Contents of the cells are put immediately after the columns
   separator.  I'd like to have some space between the vertical rule and
   the cell content.  The only working way I've found is to insert
   no-break-space at the beginning of each cell text, but this is
   certainly a very unpleasant solution.  Is there any better solution?

2. The tables are always spread to the full width of the page even when
   it has only a few columns with narrow contents.  Is there any way to
   make the table narrower, preferably something like LaTeX does for a
   table specification like `|l|l|l|'?

I use jadetex 3.5 and standard DocBook stylesheets 1.64 on Debian.

Thanks for any advice.

Milan Zamazal

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