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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Website 1.10, Xalan2: website example file test3.xml

    I have almost all of the Website 1.10 example site working.

I am getting an error (java.net.URL) from Xalan2 when it tries to
transform the test3.xml file.
The transformation process seems to not process the <xlink...> elements

My understanding is that Xalan should follow the xlinks and transform
the bookmark.xml into html and
then embed the resulting html into the test3.html that gets generated
from test3.xml

To try to solve this one I have obtained the bookmark.dtd, installed it
locally and changed bookmark.xml file
to refer to the dtd with an URL of "file://<path>/bookmark.dtd".

I CAN transform bookmark.xml into bookmark.html separately from
test3.xml by using website.xsl
and Xalan2 "manually". It gives a html fragment with links to perl

If I change the xlinks in test.xml so that their actuate attribute is
"user" and not "auto" I can get the untransformed
bookmark.xml inserted into the website by clicking a link. Xalan2
transforms test3.xml to have links to the
bookmark.xml files in this case.

However, if the xlinks are set with actuate="auto" I get the Xalan error
and the transformation terminates abuptly.

Any ideas will be gratefully received.

All the best

--barry (i'm new to this, so be gentle)

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