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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Website 1.10, Xalan2: website example file test3.xml

Barry Gaunt writes:
> Hi,
>     I have almost all of the Website 1.10 example site working.
> I am getting an error (java.net.URL) from Xalan2 when it tries to
> transform the test3.xml file.
> The transformation process seems to not process the <xlink...> elements
> properly.

Your luck was better than mine - I couldn't get any output at all from
xalan2/xerces. It said it was writing the html files, but nothing
appeared on my disk. I tried it with versions 1.29, 1.34, 1.36, and
1.37 of the stylesheets. 

But then I never use Xalan, so I may have done something wrong.

However, Saxon 6.02/Crimson 1.1 worked fine, as always. Bookmarks and all.

my $0.02,


> My understanding is that Xalan should follow the xlinks and transform
> the bookmark.xml into html and
> then embed the resulting html into the test3.html that gets generated
> from test3.xml
> To try to solve this one I have obtained the bookmark.dtd, installed it
> locally and changed bookmark.xml file
> to refer to the dtd with an URL of "file://<path>/bookmark.dtd".
> I CAN transform bookmark.xml into bookmark.html separately from
> test3.xml by using website.xsl
> and Xalan2 "manually". It gives a html fragment with links to perl
> sites.
> If I change the xlinks in test.xml so that their actuate attribute is
> "user" and not "auto" I can get the untransformed
> bookmark.xml inserted into the website by clicking a link. Xalan2
> transforms test3.xml to have links to the
> bookmark.xml files in this case.
> However, if the xlinks are set with actuate="auto" I get the Xalan error
> and the transformation terminates abuptly.
> Any ideas will be gratefully received.
> All the best
> --barry (i'm new to this, so be gentle)
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Mark Johnson
Senior Lecturing Fellow
111 Physics Bldg., Box 90305
Department of Physics 
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708-0305
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