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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: line length in elements displayed verbatim

At 05:14 PM 5/9/01, David Cramer wrote:
>Hi there,
>In <programlisting> and other elements displayed verbatim, are there any
>tricks available to make it look good in html, where page width is not
>such an issue and pdf where it is? I'm considering writing the document
>with limited line lengths in programlistings and using a &larrhk;
>("leftwards arrow with hook") and some indentation to indicate a line
>wrap. I'd then preprocess away the &larrhk; + n spaces before going to
>html with xslt.
>I suspect someone has already figured out a good way to deal with this
>situation, so I thought I'd ask.

I use emacs and <screen> elements.
I've set the line width to 70 characters, and I wrap it using ESC-Q
which makes it look OK when shown in html.

Hope that helps,


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