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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Normalizing spaces?

At 05:09 AM 5/10/01, M. Wroth wrote:
>I asked this question on the DSSSList, and Daniel Speck <dspeck@bna.com> suggested that it may be as simple as setting 
>(declare-initial-value input-whitespace-treatment 'collapse)
>While at this point in my education, this is a pure magic incantation, 

 From long ago memory, (declare-initial-value ......
is one of the things that jade does to set a parameter to its 
basic operation.
I seem to recall using it for something or other such as setting
basic font-size, e.g. (declare-initial-font-size 14pt)

If I'm right (I am occasionally!!) then you won't find much in
the way of documentation or a function definition unless its 
a part of the spec etc.


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