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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Self customising stylesheets, or clever Norm!

>Norm wrote:
>Funny you should ask. I just ran into exactly the same problem for the
>Entity Resolution Technical Committee draft. I have a legalnotice for
>the copyright and an additional legalnotice for the "status of this
>document" and I want them presented differently.
>I constructed a version of template/titlepage.xsl that allows this:
>  <t:titlepage-content side="recto">
>    <title predicate="[1]"/>
>    <pubdate/>
>    <revhistory/>
>    <authorgroup/>
>    <copyright/>
>    <legalnotice predicate="[not(@role) or @role!='status']"/>
>    <abstract/>
>    <legalnotice suppress-template="1"
>                predicate="[@role='status']"/>
>  </t:titlepage-content>
>(The suppress-template is necessary for ugly reasons.)

What does it do though?

>The problem is that in order to do this, I had to sacrifice the
>ability to match both articleinfo|artheader which is probably not
>appropriate for the general distribution.
>I should try to find a better, general solution.
>In the meantime, here's my hacked version of titlepage.xsl, that
>should get you beyond your current problem.

Thanks Norm.

Regards DaveP
Now struggling with the 'stuff' between the 'cover' (titlepage)
and the toc.
You know, legalese, blurb and stuff.
I want a <t:front-matter .... or something. Still pulls from
<bookinfo>, but quite varied I'm sure!

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