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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: JadeTex, and roman numerals in TOC


I've just upgraded my dsssl tool chain to the latest of all of the TeX 
tools (the latest TeXLive CD, JadeTex 3.7), the latest DocBook DSSSL. 
OpenJade 1.3 is the same version I've been using.  After a few days of 
fiddling it all seems to be working smoothly.

I upgraded to get the recently added fix to JadeTex to allow roman 
numerals in the TOC for preface and other non-chapter matter.  It's 
working (woohoo!), but my PDF output has some weirdness in the TOC (but 
not on the pages themselves).  I'm getting:

Preface...................................i<0 ??

And similar on all of the roman numbered lines.  I'm also seeing LaTeX 
report undefined references no matter how many times I run pdfjadetex on 
the tex file.

Am I doing something wrong that I only now see symptoms of, or are there 
still issues with jadetex/pdfjadetex and roman numerals?  I'm afraid I 
can't make heads or tails of the tex file to figure out what might be 
the problem...I'm still just trying to figure out the basics of using TeX.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

                      Joe Cooper <joe@swelltech.com>
                  Affordable Web Caching Proxy Appliances

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