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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: Autogen title prefixes, htmlhelp.xsl

Switching from htmlhelp.dsl to htmlhelp.xsl, one difference seems to be that
the xsl generates chapter titles in this form: 
      Chapter 1. Title. 

We don't want this for help topics - the dsl stylesheet did a more help-like
title, omitting the prefix. 

To fix, I first set <xsl:param name="chapter.autolabel" select="0"
but this seems to turn off only the number, giving 'Chapter  . Title'

The only workaround I could find was to edit the localization files (like
en.xml) and change template names in the title and xref contexts. For
example, removing 'Chapter %n. ' from  <template name="chapter"
text="Chapter %n. %t"/>

Since the instructions in this file say not to edit it, I suspect this is
not the preferred method. Can anybody set me straight?

Denis Bradford 
Rational Software, 20 Maguire Road, Lexington, MA 02421
denisb@rational.com (781)676-7560
You are only young once, but you can remain immature indefinitely. -- Ogden

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