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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: How to do floating images

The fixed files have been sent to Rick (to avoid unwanted messages to
this list). I will post the message sent to Rick to anybody which were
interested in the subject.


Juan R. Migoya

Rick Bronson wrote:

> Juan,
>   Thank very much for your response.  Yes, I saw your code that you
> posted previously and tried it but was unsuccessful at getting it to
> work.  I've re-tried it but still no luck.  If you have a minute maybe
> you could take a look at it.  Here are the files:
> http://www.viclink.com/~rick/pub/test.sgml
> http://www.viclink.com/~rick/pub/style.dsl
> http://www.viclink.com/~rick/pub/x.gif
>   test.sgml is the input file, style.dsl is my style file and x.gif is
> the output result "grabbed" via xv.
>   Here are the commands that I use:
> jade -t tex -d style.dsl#print test.sgml
> jadetex test.tex
> xdvi test.dvi
>   Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?  I'm pretty much a novice at this...
>   Thanks very much for your help.
>  Rick

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