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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: <caution> and <sect2> problem


> Generaly, the structure for most division elements (like chapters,
> sections and so on) in DocBook is to have some text optionaly followed
> by several subsections. After you start some subsections, you must use
> them to the end of division. To solve your problem, you can place note
> at the end of last sect2:

Yep, that did it.  Syntactically, though, it seems that the caution now
applies only to my last sect2, rather than to the parent sect1, which
seems wrong.  This method seems like a hack to get things to display

However, that's a discussion for the docbook list probably, rather than
docbook-apps.  Seems the software is behaving properly after all.

Thanks for your help!

Joel Boonstra

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