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>> | 1. Create an Index.  Can I just simply place IndexTerms in my document
>> | have the xsl sheets automatically create a hyperlinked index for me?
>> Yes, if you use the autoidx.xsl stylesheet.

Is there a complete listing of all the different XSL sheets and what they
do.  I had thought that all the files in the HTML\ directory in the
stylesheets distribution were for just one transformation and used through

>> | 2. I have a section where I am defining terms and their associated
>> | abbreviations.  There a way that I can get the XSL to out put these
>> | definitions with the abbreviations listed after the Term in
>> | like -- Strength (STR)  --- I am supplying the appropriate abbrev tags,
>> | they seam to just disappear.
>> Can you show me a small sample of your markup, please. Abbrevs
>> shouldn't just disappear.

This was generated by XEENA and validates, but the text in the
<abbrev></abbrev tags does not come out in the rendered HTML.  It just goes
"poof" -- The only thing I can think off, is that perhaps I have the
<abbrev> tag in the wrong place.

      <secondary>Ability Score</secondary>
      <para><![CDATA[Strength measures a character's muscle and physical
power. ]]></para>


Michael Cortez

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