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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Parameters 'default.encoding' and'saxon.character.representation'


there are parameters 'default.encoding' and 
'saxon.character.representation' in chuker.xsl file to specify
encoding and entity translations of chunked .html files. I use
these features for generating UTF-8 encoded .html files. But I 
cannot find this parameter in non-chunking stylesheets. Is this 
a bug or is there some other way how to specify output encoding 
for .html files?

I use Saxon 6.4.3, Crimson 1.1.1, XSL Stylesheets 1.43.

Martin Perina

ATACO, spol. s r. o.                   email: martin.perina@ataco.cz
Lesetinska 676                         www:   http://www.ataco.cz/
Ostrava - Kuncice                      phone: +420 (69) 568 28 62
707 02                                 fax:   +420 (69) 568 27 56 
Czech Republic

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