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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: best tool for docbook?

I personally like emacs + psgml.  But that may not be the best choice for 
your target audience.  I knew Emacs before I ever heard of SGML/XML, so the 
learning curve for the editor per sec was, shall we say, short.  But Emacs 
is not an easy editor to introduce to non-programmers.

At 11:12 PM 8/20/01 +0200, klaas holwerda wrote:
>I always use a standard text editor (scintilla or nedit) with only XML
>tag highlighting.
>But this is not the solution for the Authors in my company, the step
>would be to big!
>They at least need some presentation of what they type in, and some
>guidance with the tags.
>Especially tables, pictures, list  and such need to be handled in an
>easy manner.
>Introducing SGML/XML and DocBook is a revolution, so i better do it
>else they will refuce.
>So i tried FrameMaker Sgml and the docbook stuff coming with it.
>Not realy bad, but not so good either, and it is SGML, and it is for an
>old docbook dtd.
>So the question:
>-what is the best XML editor around that has some direct implementation
>for (XML) docbook with it.
>-the cost is not so important (anything we have to add our selfs will be
>more expensive in hours).
>-if there is not an XML editor around with a docbook understanding,
>still what is the best one to choose for that.
>-what are you people using (or better the authors in general).
>Any other suggestions on how to make Knowno's (Know Nothing) work with
>would be appreciated much.
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Mark B. Wroth

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