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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: legacy includes

At 09:39 01/09/2001 -0400, Norman Walsh wrote:

>The effectivity attributes (probably 'condition' in this case;
><para condition='update'> or <para condition='full'> or some such) are
>intended for purposes such as this one.

condition! Thats a new one, thanks Norm.

>You're on the right track. And I think you'll find a stylesheet at the
>SourceForge sight that does effectively the identity transformation
>except that it can be tuned to exclude elements with the "wrong"
>It's much, much simpler to do this kind of work in a two-pass
>approach: filter to DocBook that only has the set of effectivities you
>want and then style it. Trying to get the stylesheets to render and
>filter at the same time is horribly complicated.

Point taken, single filter to do the exclude/include, then norm(al) styling :-)

>If you run into cases where you can't duplicate the markup, such as
>title, use phrase:
>   <section><title><phrase condition='update'
>   >Update Title</phrase><phrase condition='full'>Full
>   Title</phrase></title>

I did think that <emphasis> was too much of a kludge,
and I wasn't looking forward to chapter 5 :-)

Thanks Norm.

Regards DaveP

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