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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: [PSGML] Splitting docbook files

ian mayo <IanMayo@hotmail.com> writes:

> I've found how to insert it into my master as an entity, but since
> the "child" sub-file can't contain a DTG I can't see how to get
> emacs/psgml to allow me to process the DTD or allow my to insert
> elements.
> I've set the sgml-parent-file parameter, hoping that this would make
> emacs pull the DTD from the parent file, but this didn't happen.
> I guess I could try inserting the DTD reference into the child-file
> and pressing "Parse DTD" from the menu bar - then commenting it out
> again before I do a "real" publish, but I'm hoping there's a better
> way of doing it.
> Can anybody give me some direction in this please?

We use preparsed DTDs for PSGML (.ced files) for each sub-file.  Point
to that file (using sgml-default-dtd-file), and use the
sgml-parent-document variable to set the correct context you are
starting wrinting at.  All variables are set using emacs' Local

------------------- START --------------------------------

  <comment role="proof-reading">$RCSfile: admin_install_common.sgml,v $ $Revision: 1.41 $</comment>


Local Variables:
mode: sgml
sgml-default-dtd-file: "/local/share/sgml/ced/docbook-3.1-book.ced"
sgml-declaration:      "/local/share/sgml/docbook3.1/docbook.dcl"
sgml-parent-document: ("../jade/database_admin.sgml" "chapter" "sect1")

------------------- END --------------------------------

Hope this helps.


 Thomas André Berger               Open Systems Computing AS
 email: thomasbe@osc.no            Kongensgt. 9, N-0153 Oslo, Norway
                 		   phone +47 2220 4050, fax +47 22 20 02 85

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